Odour Control and Animal Waste Removal Services in Barrie

Apart from wild animals invading your property, their waste can become a major health hazard, by attracting disease-carrying pests and often damaging your lawn. Having a clean and green yard is crucial for children's safety and family activities. Let Varmint Control handle the dirty work while you can concentrate on spending quality time with your family. No matter the property type, we deal with everything from raccoons and squirrels to the removal of bird’s nests and droppings. We will perform a thorough cleanup and disinfect for viruses found in animal droppings. If you are in need of animal control in Barrie, we are just a phone call away .

Effective Odour Control

If you are unable to get rid of the lurking odour in your house, it is probably because of nuisance wildlife urine and feces in areas that are not otherwise visible or accessible. From basements and attics to wall voids and crawl spaces, we will check and clean every corner of your property. We have the expertise to offer you with proficient odour control services, including the dreaded skunk smell. Call Varmint Control today. We also offer seniors discounts.

Benefit from Our Experienced Animal Control Services

Place your trust in our years of experience in animal control to locate and get rid of offensive odours and animal waste.