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Animal Waste Removal Services and Animal Control in Barrie

Besides wild animals invading your property, their waste can become a significant health hazard by attracting disease-carrying pests and often damaging your lawn. A clean and green yard is crucial for children's safety and family activities. Let Varmint Control handle the dirty work while you concentrate on spending quality time with your family. No matter the property type, we deal with everything from raccoons and squirrels to the removal of bird’s nests and droppings. We will perform a thorough cleanup and disinfect for viruses found in animal droppings. We are just a phone call away if you require animal control in Barrie.

Effective Odour Control in Barrie

Generally, when you have an animal infestation, you will experience odour problems. Wild animals bring diseases and odour, which can cause health and hygiene issues on your residential or commercial property. Some of the many causes of this odour are:

  • Urine

  • Droppings

  • Animal decay

  • Skunk spray

  • Animal smells

If you cannot eliminate the lurking odour in your house, we can help. From basements and attics to wall voids and crawl spaces, we will check and clean every corner of your property. Dealing with wildlife requires caution because their presence can lead to health issues. We have the expertise to offer you proficient odour control services, including safely and efficiently getting rid of the dreaded skunk smell. For more information about animal control in Barrie, please contact us. We also offer seniors discounts.

Animal Waste Removal in Barrie

Animal droppings can be a serious source of contamination in your home, leading to severe health issues. For instance, raccoon droppings, which can get into your food, might contain roundworms. Moreover, if the animal is infected with a disease, its droppings can expose you and your family to it. Many animal droppings contain pathogens that become airborne. If you spot animal droppings in your home, it is best to call our professionals for animal control in Barrie. We have the proper training and equipment to rid you of animal waste and other wildlife problems. We recommend not dealing with this issue on your own to avoid contracting any diseases. ​


Please speak to us if you'd like to learn more about our services. We can also help you with various repairs on your property.

Signs of Wildlife Infestation

Wild animals are always on the lookout for shelter and sources of food and water. Often, homes and commercial spaces are the ideal fit for them if they manage to find entry points. While you might not see them wandering around in your kitchen, it doesn't mean they're not there. These animals prefer to live in undisturbed spaces such as attics and kitchens. Some common signs of wildlife infestation are:


  • Gnaw marks on electrical wiring

  • Rustling noises

  • Scratching or squeaking sounds from your walls or attic

  • Urine stains on ceilings or floors

  • Unusual sounds that are louder at night

  • Turned over garbage bins and scattered trash

  • Animal waste around your property

Please contact us immediately if you notice any of these signs or if something else is amiss. We're always available to attend to your queries and provide you with the help you require. For more information, please view our FAQ section.



Animal Control in Barrie

Animals seeking shelter on your property can disrupt your life and expose you to diseases. If you suspect wildlife infestation in your home, it is essential to act early. These animals can reproduce quickly, so you should focus on nipping the problem in the bud. With our dependable animal control in Barrie, you can restore your home's peace and comfort.

Advantages of Contacting an Animal Control Service

Living in harmony with nature is a shared responsibility that requires careful consideration and proactive measures. When managing wildlife encounters, seeking professional assistance from an animal control service is an ideal choice. At Varmint Control, we offer numerous advantages.


  • Expertise and experience: Animal control services in Barrie bring a wealth of expertise and experience. Trained professionals understand the behaviour of various wildlife species, enabling them to implement effective and humane control measures.

  • Safety first: Handling wild animals without proper knowledge and equipment can pose serious risks. Animal control experts prioritize safety, ensuring that humans and animals are protected during removal.

  • Humane practices: Unlike DIY approaches that may inadvertently harm animals, professional animal control services prioritize humane practices. They employ methods that minimize animal stress while safely relocating them to more suitable environments.

Why Does Humane Animal Control Matter?

Humane animal control is a moral imperative in maintaining ecological balance and preserving biodiversity. Barrie residents at Varmint Control can benefit from choosing compassionate animal control services for several reasons:


  • Preservation of wildlife: Humane animal control methods focus on preserving wildlife's natural behaviours and habitats. These services contribute to local ecosystems' overall well-being and sustainability by avoiding unnecessary harm.

  • Mitigation of conflicts: Striking a balance between human activities and wildlife is critical to preventing conflicts. Humane animal control aims to address these conflicts without resorting to lethal measures, fostering coexistence between humans and the diverse wildlife in Barrie.

  • Community safety: Humane animal control ensures that the removal and relocation of wildlife are conducted with the utmost consideration for public safety. By employing ethical practices, these services mitigate potential risks associated with uncontrolled wildlife populations.

The Importance of Animal Control for Wildlife

Animal control services are indispensable for maintaining a healthy and safe environment for humans and wildlife. In Barrie, recognizing the importance of animal control for wildlife involves understanding the following aspects:


  • Disease prevention: Unchecked wildlife populations can contribute to the spread of diseases. Animal control services are vital in monitoring and managing these populations, reducing the risk of diseases transmitted between animals and humans.

  • Protection of property: Certain wildlife species can pose threats to property, causing damage to homes, gardens, and infrastructure. Timely and effective animal control measures help safeguard property while respecting the ecological balance.

  • Educational outreach: Animal control services often engage in educational outreach programs to raise awareness about coexisting with wildlife.

If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page.



Benefit from Our Experienced Animal Control Services

Place your trust in our years of animal control experience to locate and eliminate offensive odours and animal waste from your Barrie properties.

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