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Raccoon Removal in Barrie: Protecting Your Property with Varmint Control

Welcome to Varmint Control, your trusted partner in addressing raccoon infestations in Barrie. Raccoons, while fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, can pose serious threats when they invade homes or businesses. 

Damage to Your Home or Business

Raccoons can cause extensive damage to structures. Their strong claws and teeth can tear through roofing, insulation, and wiring, leading to costly repairs. Attics and crawl spaces become inviting nesting grounds, putting your property at risk. Varmint Control understands the urgency of addressing such damage promptly.

Health Risks to Humans

Beyond the structural concerns, raccoons can carry diseases that pose health risks to humans. Their droppings, urine, and saliva may contain harmful pathogens. Having raccoons near your living or working space increases the likelihood of these contaminants spreading. Our raccoon removal services prioritize your safety by effectively eliminating these health hazards.

How Critter Control Gets Rid of Raccoons

At Varmint Control, we employ humane and efficient methods to remove raccoons from your property. Our trained professionals use advanced techniques that prioritize the well-being of both humans and raccoons. We focus on exclusion methods - raccoons are safely removed without causing harm to them.



Raccoon Inspection

Identifying entry points, nesting areas, and the extent of the infestation is crucial for developing a targeted removal plan. Our team is adept at recognizing signs of raccoon activity and tailoring our approach to your specific situation.

Raccoon Trapping

Varmint Control utilizes safe and ethical trapping methods to capture raccoons when necessary. These traps are strategically placed based on our inspection findings. Once captured, the raccoons are safely relocated to ensure they no longer threaten your property.



Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

Attempting to handle raccoon removal with professional assistance can be risky and effective. Varmint Control brings expertise, experience, and tools to ensure a swift and comprehensive resolution to your raccoon infestation. DIY approaches often need to catch up, leading to prolonged exposure to damage and health risks. Contact us today.

Choose Varmint Control for expert raccoon removal services in Barrie. Visit our FAQ Page for more information!

Secure Your Space

Contact Varmint Control for reliable raccoon removal in Barrie.

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