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Damage/hole in ceiling

Fast and Reliable Animal Damage Repair Services in Barrie and Simcoe County

If wildlife has infested or has been using your property as a shelter, they can cause extensive damage. Varmint Control offers repairs to the foundation vents, chimney entrances and other entry points that rodents or wildlife may use to enter the building. Our family-owned company is here to serve all animal damage repair requirements in Barrie.  Call us to benefit from our 10% seniors’ discount.

Benefits of Professional Animal Damage Repair

If there are signs that nuisance animals are living or nesting on your property, you must take a fast course of action to protect your property. Squirrels can chew their way into your attic, and raccoons can often break your siding and rip through your woodwork and insulation. Chimneys, soffits, and attic fans are some of the standard entry points for wild animals. Before they cause further damage or risk the spread of disease, contact Varmint Control. Our knowledgeable crew can help put an end to such unnecessary destruction. All our personnel use the latest equipment to work in these environments safely. After the damage is repaired, we will also recommend preventative measures to ensure that you never have to face the predicaments of such an unforeseen situation.


Do You Need  Repair Services for Animal Damage?

We offer structural repair for vents and chimney damage. We will also seal entry points.

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