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chimney repair

Reliable Vent and Chimney Repairs in Barrie

When pets decide to settle in your property, they will surely cause damage to your structure. At Varmint Control, our professionals will not only inspect the damage thoroughly but also determine the type of animal (or animals) causing the problem. We do this to offer our clients long-term solutions against animal damage. There are often chewed wires, torn insulation, and in a majority of the cases, broken chimneys left behind. After we deal with the present issues, we offer preventative maintenance strategies that will help prevent further wildlife damage. If you are in need of vent and chimney repair services in Barrie, owing to nuisance wildlife damage, call us . We also offer 10% seniors discount.

Rely on Us

We also offer complete animal control solutions to address your infestation issues and maintenance treatments. If you need small animal removal at your home or business, call us.

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Wildlife Property Damage Repair for Vents and Chimneys

If your property suffers unwanted damage by wild animals, give us a call for fast and efficient repair services.

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