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Not Here to Create a Problem, Here to Solve Your Problem

Safeguard Your Home from Nuisance Wildlife

Ensure your property stays safe from the wildlife around you. Rely on us for your Wildlife removal concerns in Barrie.

Humane Wildlife Removal in Barrie and Simcoe County

Are you frustrated with unwanted wildlife damaging your home? You have come to the right place! Varmint Control offers effective and humane wildlife removal services in Barrie, Simcoe County, and the surrounding areas. We are professional and licensed trappers and ensure the safe relocation of unwanted wildlife.


Taking proactive steps to eliminate varmints before they inflict substantial damage to your home is crucial. Whether it's raccoons, skunks, squirrels, or other bothersome pests, our dedicated team is equipped to handle the removal process effectively. However, our commitment doesn't end there. We understand the importance of securing your home to prevent a recurrence of such issues. Just give us a call. We offer services for all your wildlife removal needs in Barrie. Additionally, we also offer a 10% senior discount.


At Varmint Control, we prioritize the well-being of both your home and the wildlife inhabiting it. Contact us today for reliable and humane wildlife removal services in Barrie and surrounding areas.


About Varmint Control in Barrie

Varmint Control is a professional wildlife removal company that operates in Barrie, Simcoe County, and the surrounding area. We are licensed and fully insured. We have been family-owned and -operated since 1988. We’re proud to offer services to your home, cottage, or place of business. 



  • Squirrel removal: Varmint Control is equipped to remove squirrels from your property safely and humanely.

  • Raccoon removal: We specialize in removing raccoons, ensuring the safety of your home, cottage, or business.

  • Bird removal: Our team is experienced in dealing with bird-related nuisances, offering practical and ethical removal solutions.

  • Beaver removal: If beavers are causing issues on your property, Varmint Control has the expertise to address the situation efficiently.

  • Snake removal: Dealing with snakes requires a specialized approach. Count on us for safe and reliable snake removal services.

  • Skunk removal: Varmint Control is well-versed in removing skunks and their odour to minimize their impact on your property.

  • Bat removal: Bats can be a challenge to handle. Our professionals are trained in the proper and humane removal of bats.

  • Nuisance wildlife removal: We handle all types of nuisance wildlife, ensuring a comprehensive solution to your wildlife-related concerns.


Our service extends to residential homes, cottages, and businesses in Barrie and the surrounding areas. If you're dealing with wildlife issues in Barrie, trust Varmint Control for reliable and ethical wildlife removal services.

Wildlife Removal in Barrie

In Barrie, the allure of shelter and sustenance can lead wild animals to intrude upon your home or business. Unwanted pests pose a nuisance and potential health risks, as they can be carriers of various diseases. Safeguarding your property and well-being requires a gentle yet practical approach to wildlife removal. At Varmint Control, we adhere to a strategic process to ensure the humane removal of animals and the long-term security of your premises. Our comprehensive approach involves the following key steps:

Inspection of the area: The first and most important step in wildlife removal is to diagnose the area to determine what factors attract the animal to enter your property in the first place. Once we have determined the cause, we can create an effective plan to remove the animal and ensure they do not return.

Capturing the animal: While we aim to rid your property of unwelcome animals, we do not wish to harm them in any way. That’s why we adopt techniques and tools that allow us to capture the animal in a safe manner.

Removing the animal from your property: After we have captured the animal, we do not kill them. Instead, we move them to a safe location far away from your property to ensure they do not return and creep into your space again.

Repairing the damaged areas: Simply capturing and removing the animal is not enough. We strive to provide complete satisfaction to our clients by repairing damaged entry points. This eliminates the risk of future infiltration and restores the look of your property.

If you've observed the presence of raccoons, squirrels, snakes, bats, or other wildlife on your property, or if you've noticed signs of their activity, it's crucial to engage wildlife removal experts like us. Swift action can prevent potential damage and protect your property from the adverse effects of wildlife intrusion.

Why Choose Varmint Control in Barrie?

While you may think of removing intruding animals from your house or business location as a DIY job, a lack of professional assistance in such matters can often be risky. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for wildlife removal in Barrie:

We are licensed to carry out wildlife removal.

We are equipped to deal with a wide range of wildlife, from reptiles to birds.

We adopt a kind, gentle, and environmentally friendly approach while doing our job.

Our animal removal services are available for both residential and commercial properties.

We have over 3 decades of experience offering animal removal and prevention services in and around Barrie.

We also offer property repairs, waste removal, and odour control services under one roof.

We offer a 10% discount to seniors.

When faced with unwanted wildlife encroachment, don't hesitate to contact us. Our prompt and professional team will be by your side to address the situation effectively.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us and visit our FAQ page.

Other Wildlife Services We Offer in Barrie and Surrounding Areas

Wildlife removal is not all we do. You can also reach out to us if you need help with the following:

Animal proofing and prevention

Animal and birds nest removal

Repair services for chimney and entry points

Contact Varmint Control for Wildlife Removal Services in Barrie

If you have any questions, please take a moment to visit our FAQ page, or you may contact us through our contact page or give us a call at 705-424-7743.

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animal removal

Professional Wildlife Removal Services in Barrie

We use non-toxic methods and have a humane approach to catching or trapping wild animals.


Ensure a Wildlife-Free Home

Keep your crawlspace, chimneys, and attic safe from wildlife damage and infestation. Turn to us for wildlife removal services in Barrie.


Attic Insulation Decontamination for a Safer Property

Keep your property safe and secure with our insulation removal and installation services.

Professional Affiliations

Ontario Fur Managers Federation

Take a Look at What Our Customers Are Saying:

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Extremely Responsive and Courteous

“We had a serious problem of squirrels in our attic. They were starting to make a hole in the ceiling and insulation was beginning to hang down into our dining room! We called Varmint Control and Terry came to see us right away. They laid traps, rescued several squirrels and eventually the problem was solved and Terry put up a metal patch to block the entry point. Throughout the process Terry and his team were extremely responsive, courteous and professional. Our experience was great. Would definitely recommend and use them again if another problem arises. Thanks to all of you. Esmé”

- Ezzie

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